Newington Digital Radio Project

It been years in the making, but it is expected that by July of 2024, the Newington Police Department and Newington Fire Department will be moving its radio system to the state of Connecticut's Digital Radio system. In preperation for this move to digital format Scott Greczkowski has went out and purchased all the equipment needed to pick up the new digital service, including a new rooftop antenna, and special Digital Scanner needed to pick up the new digital transmissions.

In addition Scott has placed this special scanner website online as a test. Here you will find the Newingtion Police Feed (still in analog) the Newington Fire Department (a special Digital Simulcast) and the Newington EMS services which will remain in analog even after the other departments move fully to digital.

We have been working with the Newington Police Department in this switchover and we believe we are good to go and will be able to continue offering the public the Police, Fire and EMS feeds when the switchover happens!

It should be noted that this special website may not always be available and could be disconinued at any time, as it is just setup for testing purposes. It should loso be noted that you will notice that the start of some calls may be often cut off. This is NOT a bug and will no longer be an issue once the Police and Fire Departments are fully on the digital system. THIS IS NOT THE SAME SCANNER FEED AS THE SCANNER FEED ABOVE

Our thanks go out to the brave men and woment of the Newington Police Department as well as the Newington Volunteer Fire Department!
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